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What About the Little Ones?

Oh, yes. My daughter likes workbooks, and I recently found myself picking up some 2nd grade ones for her, and she's sailing through them (she's 6). She just recently learned to read, but I know part of the reason is that she watches her older brother. That, and the fact she's never been to school and so has less to unlearn than he did at her age!

One of the moms in our hs group just told me her 4 yo started reading on her own, probably from watching big sister so much. It probably depends on the level of competition between them (or admiration, even).


I am wondering if this does occur? Jarod kind of gave up on school for a bit -he is only four. So his Saxon is sitting in its boxes. But the last few weeks he continually eavesdrops on his big brothers lessons. I am wondering if by the time he is ready for school if I will have useless books. Has anyone had a younger child that listened in/watched and then later was ready for more advanced work ( say first instead of K type thing) as a result??