Texas Home Educators 

Support Groups, Sports, Scouts, & Co-ops in A Cities

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SGCHS South Galveston County Home Schoolers
Galveston Homeschool Performing Arts Co-op
PLAAY Positive Learning Activities All Year in Galveston County. This is a group that consist of Christian homeschoolers in Galveston County that participate in activities together. There are no member dues or officers. To become a member you need to participate in at least one of the activities we have going on.
Red River Christian HomeSchoolers
Red River Enrichment Classes
Christian Family HEAD: Home Education Association of Dallas
Georgetown Christian Home Educators
FAITH Home Schoolers
Grapeland Assn of Christian Educators (GRACE)
Horizon Homeschoolers
The Fellowship Church Homeschool Network
AGAPE (Grapevine Area Physical Education) is an 8-month fitness program for homeschooled children. Students must be age 6-16 years old by September 4,2009. The goal of this program is to increase physical endurance, improve skill coordination, and to provide a structured environment for homeschooled children to fellowship with their peers and be exposed to a variety of sports (e. g. soccer, kickball, baseball, ice skating, rock climbing, bowling, etc.). All leaders are volunteers.
Grayson County (Dennison/Sherman)
THE Texoma Home Educators