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The Most Important Aspect of Homeschooling

The most important aspect of homeschooling is prayer. We need to seek God's direction about every decision we make. Homeschooling should be bathed in prayer - Should we homeschool? How should we teach our children and what "subjects"?  What curriculum should we use?  What is our purpose and goals? Do we want to focus on academics, sports, character development? ...and on...and on...

PRAY - we can use this acrostic:

P - Pray continuously, diligently, alone in your secret closet, with your spouse, with your children and other family members, with friends and church members; pray without ceasing.

R - Research about homeschooling. Read books, magazines, support newsletters, articles on the internet. Go to seminars and bookfairs.  Study and discover your educational philosophy, your teaching style,  and your children's learning styles. Resources include "Learning Styles" audio set by Cathy Duffy, also her Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual(s), The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell, How to Homeschool by Gayle Graham, and many other homeschooling books.

A - Act. Plan your homeschool. Set goals - academic, physical, and spiritual. Choose curriculum suited to your family. Organize your home and school area. Plan and prepare scheduling and record keeping. Meet other homeschooling families and join support groups of like-minded families.

Y - Yearly evaluation. Check your goals, attitudes, and progress. We suggest both academic (testing) and character (family conferences!).  Adjustments and corrections will need to be made. Children are different, circumstances change; families move and grow. Discipline is important; both self-discipline and obedience in the family structure. Remember, nobody said this was easy, but the benefits are too GREAT to miss!

Thank God every day for the blessings of homeschooling. Remember that People are more important than Things. Cherish the relationships you have with your children. They grow up so fast! Do not let "doing school" take precedence over real life learning. 

If you are a new or prospective homeschooler, take time to find out who your child is. Be patient...your child may have to get over that peer dependency and switch to a dependency on God, parents, and themselves.

Pray, pray, pray together and separately. Prayer cannot be stressed enough!  "The family that prays together, stays together." Submitted by Sue Schrowang, copyright 2000

************************************************************************  Our family owns and operates a small business called HIS WAY Homeschool Resources. The business, based in our home, has now expanded from local sales to mail-order and bookfairs. We also present getting started workshops in the greater Austin area and provide an umbrella program for Texas homeschoolers. Russ and I homeschool our three sons: Jesse (17, senior); Jonah (15, sophomore); and Levi (7, 2nd grade). The boys are active in the everyday affairs of the business. Jonah created and is maintaining our website as part of his homeschool studies.

Following His Way
Sue Schrowang