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Cityview Homeschoolers

Cityview Homeschoolers is a homeschool support ministry whose primary
purpose is for the intimate support of families who are homeschooling. We
are a strongly Christian group, relying on Jesus for our strength. This is
an open group in that we wish to welcome all with open arms, regardless of
race, color, or creed.

We ask for each participant to “find their joy” in whatever area that has
a need, to prevent the bulk of the work lying on one person’s shoulders
alone. Visitors are welcome at all times.

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Meeting Monthly at:
Christ Lutheran Church
4409 Sycamore School Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76133

Monthly Meetings

Each month, on the 2nd Friday morning at 10:00 am we have a monthly
meeting at the Christ Lutheran Church, located at 4409 Sycamore School
Road. These meetings are a mixture of several things. They are part
“business meeting,” part “support group,” and part “Show & Tell” for our

We have child care available for $1 a child, with a family maximum of $3.
We usually start with the children under supervision in another room. We
cover any changes or updates on Field Trips and any information that needs
to be given to those involved in the group. We move on to an open sharing
time, for each mom to ask questions and gain feedback. On
occasion, we have had special speakers present.

About 11:30, we send for the children and give those who want to
participate an opportunity to share whatever they brought — a school
project, report, favorite toy, etc. We are usually done about 12 noon or

Supplemental Classes alternate with a Gym or Park Day every other month,
September through May, for those who want to stay for them. See details
elsewhere in this brochure.

Details of every Month

Our planned activities are scheduled as follows:

Every Month*
First Friday - Moms’ Night Out Fridays
2nd Friday - Monthly Meeting
& Class/Gym-Park Day (every other month) after Lunch
3rd Tuesday - Mom’s Night Out
Last Week - Field Trip

*always check our current newsletter as dates can vary.

The Year at a Glance

January, March, June, July, September, and November are “normal” monthly
meeting months—covering business items and discussing needs of both the
individual families and the group as a whole, as well as having Show &
Tell available for the kids.

February & December, we have been known to have Parties in place of
monthly meetings (but not necessarily every year).

April is our Annual Curriculum Share. We each bring the curriculum we use
and share what works and what hasn’t worked. This allows other moms to ask
questions and to handle materials that are normally not available other
than at the yearly Book Fairs (held in North Fort Worth in January,
Arlington in May, and Plano in August).

May & October are our evening Pot Luck Meetings, held at 7:00 pm, either
at the church or in a member’s home.

August is our Field Trip Planning Meeting.

Mom’s Nights Out

On the First Friday nights of each month, we meet at 7:00 PM at one of our
members’ homes. Sometimes we bring a hand-project (sewing, Christmas
project, etc.), play games, or watch a “chick flick.” Everyone is welcome
to come enjoy the fellowship. Everyone brings a snack to share.

On the 3rd Tuesday nights of each month, at 7:00 PM, all ladies are
invited to meet at a local restaurant. (Locations rotate, see current
newsletter for details.)

Having two dates help moms know that they will be able to attend at least
one a month, although several make plans to be at both.

This is usually a “free-for-all” discussion time, which includes
individual hopes & dreams, frustrations, homeschool plans, family plans:
whatever a lady would like to share. We have been known to pray over those
in need, laugh loudly, talk incessantly, and have two, three, or more
conversations going at one time!

We open our MNOs to all moms, so those who homeschool can invite their
non-homeschooling friends to come along.

Field Trips

Field Trips are held 9 months out of the year, September through May. We
plan them at the August meeting, having each mom sign up for one trip (or
more) to coordinate. We aim for the Last Friday of the month, but dates
are whenever the hosting organization determines.

Classes ~ Gym/Park Day

After our monthly meetings from 10am until approximately noon, we eat
lunch together. Some families bring a sack lunch, some go, buy, & bring
back their lunch from a local eatery. Lunch is generally from 12 noon to
From 1 to 2 pm, we have an alternating class or gym/park day.

Craft/Life Skills classes are available after every other monthly meeting.
RSVPs are required so that the facilitator can acquire enough supplies.
Facilitators are the moms themselves, sharing some expertise they each may
have. A modest fee may be needed for the supplies.

Gym/Park Days are held after the monthly meeting on the other month. They
are held in Christ Lutheran’s gym, outside in their field, or at a local
park. Visitors are asked to pay $2/per person or $5/per family to
participate in the gym. The group treasury pays the church for use of the
gym. A Paying Membership covers gym fees, as well as the newsletter &
childcare costs. You are welcome to bring guests to participate but the
fee will be required of them.


Dues are based on an August-to-July year. Members pay $25 a year, covering
the newsletter, child-care, gym days, and hand-out costs for all meetings.
Visitors are asked to pay $1 per child ($3 family max.) at meetings, plus
something for handouts when there are ones.