Texas Home Educators 

Bird Feeder

Places to visit to see bird feeders:

Easy to Make Bird Feeders from the Virginia Extension office site

Build a ChickaDee House with design plans free on this site.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders, you have to read it to believe it!

All About Birding from the About.com people
Coconut or Grapefruit Bird Feeder, this one is written in educationeze, but it looks easy to do.
Canada Teacher's site with several variations on bird feeders

Grapefruit Bird Feeder: easy enough for the little ones to make.

This has four different feeders including the Pine Cone:
Now that you have bird feeders and bird houses in your back yard, right out side the window of course ;-), how do you know what birds are out there?  The Texas Parks and Wildlife folks have a great site that teaches all you need to know about Texas birds.  Enjoy the Adventure!!

P.S.  One word of caution when making bird feeders, PLEASE DON'T USE PEANUT BUTTER. It has been known to glue the birds mouth's shut causing death.

Jube, a bird lover